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27 Jan

In December 2021 Aerofuels Group of Companies finalized refueling complex (TZK) upgrade in the airport of Khomutovo (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk), including refueling facilities and related infrastructure. In the airport a new tank farm for 800 thousand liters of aviation fuels is built, jet fuel loading/unloading units are re-equipped and a new system of contaminated effluent treatment and removal was installed.

In January 2022 all newly built and upgraded auxiliary buildings and structures on the territory of TZK were registered and put into operation. TZK upgrade will make it possible to increase jet kero stock, and, consequently, that will influence air service growth and increase of refueling in the airport.

Works on Aerofuels TZK upgrade and technical re-equipment in the airport of Khomutovo were carried out within a large investment program of the company for 2020-2022 aiming at construction of new and re-equipping of operating TZK in the Russian airports. The program, within other measures, provides replacement of process equipment of fuel storage and accounting systems, delivery of new refuelers and installation of new laboratory devices in the airports of the company location. In the course of the investment program implementation Aerofuels pays a special attention to compliance of the whole complex of services in jet fuel supply with the applicable Russian and international standards. At the same time, equipment manufactured in the Russian factories and made of the domestic and imported components is used as a priority for refueling complexes upgrade and re-equipping.

TZK of Aerofuels-Kamchatka a branch of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk has been operating in the airport of Khomutovo (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk) since August, 2014, and possesses its own up-to-date fuels and lubricants storage, quality control laboratory, new refuelers and qualified personnel. The company renders services meeting the highest Russian and international aviation requirements in refueling, has all required certificates and licenses, and successfully and regularly passes IATA fuel quality pool (IFQP) inspections.

14 Jan

On January 12th, 2022, at the meeting held by V.Putin, President of Russia, with RF Government members V.Saveljev, Head of Ministry of Transport, reported on a current situation with air services in Russia.

One of the main indicators of situation improvement is domestic air service growth in 2021: in comparison with pre-pandemic 2019 it increased by 22% and made almost 90 million passengers. At the same time, volume of air traffic to all directions also increased and achieved 112 million passengers, which can be compared with the level of 2019-2020.

Head of the Ministry of Transport also described aspects of domestic air service subsidy system, due to which it became possible to achieve air traffic growth in Russia, and its development in the current year. He emphasized that air service subsidy volume in 2022 will make record-breaking 27,5 billion rubles, which is more than that allocated from the federal budget to support the branch in 2021, namely: 21,9 billion rubles (to compare with 2019 and 2020 it was allocated by 15,0 billion rubles), with 68% of allocated funds for subsidy in 2022 being sent to the Far East.

The plan for the current year is more optimistic, - Saveljev said.- In 2022 to provide air service accessibility there will be three programs of the state support: increase of air traffic accessibility for citizens, development of regional air service and Aurora air line subsidy support. For these purposes unprecedented volume of financing is allocated from the federal budget 27,5 billion rubles. That will make it possible to transport about 5 million passengers.

Material is prepared on the basis of TASS and Aviation Explorer information.

19 Nov

Since 2011 Aerofuels Group of Companies has been a strategic partner of IATA, a non-governmental organization uniting air carriers and airlines, associated with aviation transportation, from 120 countries. Modern international air transportation is one of the most dynamically developing branches. While developing standards, procedures and practices, IATA provides and coordinates cooperation between aviation transportation market members, which has a favorable effect on their production activities efficiency and flights safety.

IATA strategic partnership program is a platform enabling companies to build and strengthen relationship with key and concerned parties in the branch, to learn the new and to exchange experience. Due to participation in different working groups of IATA, strategic partners get a unique vision of airline priorities, participate in new initiatives development and have rights of priority to promote solutions of a paramount importance for the international aviation transportation future.

Aerofuels arranges services in aviation fuel supply in Russia and abroad for airlines, tour operators and air brokers; cooperates with both Russian and leading international carriers ranking among top 50 of airlines of global standing. Aerofuels partners in refueling are large oil transnational companies, international and regional aviation fuels suppliers.