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TZK Aerofuels
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  26.10.2020    347    USD/MT  ~
27 Aug

Since May, 2020, an alternative refueling complex of Aerofuels Group of Companies has been operating in the airport of Yakutsk. Aerofuels company, an operator of the new TZK, from the very beginning of activities in the Republic of Sakha considered creation of the sound competitive environment in the airport to be one of their priorities. Due to putting into operation of a new operator in the airport of Yakutsk, during last three months the jet fuel and complex of services cost for fuel delivery to the plane wing decreased significantly, about by 26%, and consequently, air lines expenses in aircrafts refueling reduced. Thus, if before Aerofuels activities in the airport the jet fuel cost made 83-86 thousand rubles/ton, in August, 2020, the prices were fixed at a level of 63-65 thousand rubles/ton, including VAT.

Yu.A.Miniaylo, Aerofuels General Director, in his letter to the Republic of Sakha Administration, noted that “due to jet fuel price reduction, the airport of Yakutsk got more attractive, and that will make it possible in the future to attract additional flights of the Russian and international air carriers to the region, which will support development of the inter-regional and international links of the region”.

18 Aug

On the 11th of August, 2020, a regional subdivision of Aerofuels in Krasnoyarsk Territory, operating in the airports of Yemelyanovo and Cheremshanka, successfully passed certification of the State Research Institute of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport within the Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities. The company proved full conformance to the requirements of the Russian legislation for arrangement of air services aviation fuel supply, including receipt, storage, preparation to delivery, delivery to refueling and refueling of aircrafts with jet fuel.

Today on the territory of Russia Aerofuels Group of Companies has a network consisting of 28 refueling complexes which have been working for many years in compliance with applicable Russian and international regulations and requirements, have their own aviation fuels quality control laboratories, up-to-date aerodrome refuelers fleet and highly skilled personnel.

11 Aug

Aeroflot – Russian Airlines became Aerofuels Group of Companies customer in the international airport of Yakutsk. Since the 01st of August, 2020, regular flights of the national air carrier have been refueled by a new alternative TZK of Aerofuels network.

Aerofuels refueling complex has been functioning in the airport since May, 2020. It has an up-to-date aviation fuels depot, new refuelers and qualified personnel. The enterprise renders services meeting the highest Russian and international aviation requirements, and has all required certificates and licenses for refueling activities. At the present time, along with Aeroflot flights, Aerofuels refuels freight flights of Aviastar-TU airlines in Yakutsk.

According to preliminary estimation the alternative up-to-date TZK operation in the international airport of Yakutsk will lead to reduction of air tickets price, and grown of passenger flow in the region due to jet fuel suppliers competition maintaining in the airport.